Friday, January 19, 2007

Johnny B Goode

Trying to get some practice in each day, and it only highlights how many hours a day I have to spend earning a living. Anyway inspite of the interruptions I did get myself some strum time, and dusted off the Chuck Berry song book.

As far a guitar playing is concerned, Chuck (80 this year) is the King of rock and roll. Elvis may have been top dog as a performer, but no one can say that there is this Elvis riff that have got to learn, and as far as I know Elvis never wrote and performed his own songs.

So like I said the Chuck Berry song book was the item of the week, and it is a really nice spirit lifter, as the tempo on most of the tunes really chugs along in a bouncy way. But you really need to use an acoustic or a guitar with humbuckers, as I don't think that you can get the sound with single coils. I would dearly love to use a vintage 335 and tweed fender amp for these songs but as that is not a realistic prospect I'll make do with the kit I've got. Actually it would be interesting to find out how an Epi Les Paul fitted with Seymour Duncans actually stacks up against a vintage 335 as far as sound quality is concerned. I wonder if there is any where that has that kind of kit and will let me try it out just for the fun of it?

Well thanks for the music Chuck and hope you have many more birthdays.

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